Dexter's 5th Birthday Party!!! Saturday July 7th, 2007 1:30-3:00

Dex's party will be at the Arsenal Park in Watertown at the Playground. Directions/Map of the park.

There is a water fountain there that Dex really enjoys running around in so make sure the kids wear something that can get wet and bring a towel.

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Dexter's Eye View

Sometime in the beginning of March 2004 I dug up my old digital camera and cleaned it up for Dexter to use. With the addition of a make-shift handle on the bottom he takes some really great pictures. I'll post pictures every once in a while (I would like to think that I'd date and comment them too, but that's just not going to happen). All these pictures, with the exception of one I took of him that was just too cute to delete, were taken by Dexter without any assistance.

Day with Dexter.

Hoping to use all the technology that the geek (Matt) buys, we've started recording a short video every Friday (or so) with Dexter... Just a quick thing in the morning that will hopefully compile into something cooler over a year's time.

These were created for burning to dvd, but I thought I should get them up on the web for mass consumption.

These use Real Media compression - use "Real Alternative" <- (This is only for Windows machines) Save it somewhere convenient like your Desktop. Then double click it to install... You'll need to close your web browser to install Real Alternative. If you need a video player you should use Media Player Classic. If you need any help you can email matt at

Dexter 2/18/05 - 9:30am

Dexter 2/20/05 - 4:39pm

Dexter 2/20/05 - 4:41pm

Dexter 2/20/05 - 4:55pm

Dexter 2/25/05 - 9:30am

Dexter 2/25/05 - 9:32am

Dexter 2/25/05 - 9:46am

Dexter 3/04/05 - 9:30am

Dexter 3/11/05 - 10:35am

Dexter 3/18/05 - 8:32am Dexter 3/18/05 -8:38am (windows media files, ~9MB a piece)

Dexter 3/25/05 - 8:10am (wmv file 6MB)

Dexter 4/07/05 - 10:30am (wmv file ~12MB This is Dex at Daycare. Music added to make it not-so-stalkerish)

Dexter 4/15/05 - 9:12am (wmv file 6MB)

Dexter 4/24/05 - 7:33am (wmv file 3MB)

Dexter 4/29/05 - 8:30pm (wmv file 6MB)

Dexter 5/05/05 - 7:00pm (wmv file 2MB)

Dexter 5/09/05 - 6:49pm (wmv file 1MB)

Dexter 5/12/05 - 10:17am (wmv file 10MB)

Dexter 5/18/05 - 4:48pm (wmv file 2MB)

Dexter 5/20/05 - 7:39am (wmv file 5MB)

Dexter 5/20/05 - 7:44am (wmv file 5MB)

Dexter 5/27/05 - 9:39am (wmv file 6MB)

Dexter 6/05/05 - 8:41pm (wmv file 4MB)

Dexter 6/17/05 - 10:20am (wmv file 8MB)

Dexter 7/01/05 - 9:20am (wmv file 4MB)

Dexter 8/05/05 - 9:10am (wmv file 2MB)